Nourishing Soulfully
Nourishing Soulfully
Create a neutral relationship with food and an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself.

Whilst the e-books and guides are available to buy on Amazon, I offer them on Nourishing Soulfully in return for your subscription to my Thursday emails. Our inboxes are really personal, private places, which is why I feel it is such a privilege to be able to reach out to you directly. I don't believe that these resources are "free" as you are allowing me to contact you in return for these e-books, guides and worksheets. 

In my weekly, well actually they’re every now and then emails, I share thoughts about food, mindfulness and nourishing a soulful life. I often share online reads you may find interesting, recipes and podcasts I’ve enjoyed too.

Pe-ta's Feel Good Resources.

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New To Free From Eating. 

Within this 20 page e-book I bring together everything I wished I'd known when I first discovered I had allergies, intollerances and food sensitivities. I provide you with the tools and information to simplify your free from life and guide you to feel in control and comfortable with your new way of eating. 

A friend said to me “Peta, I think you’re giving away too much for free with this e-book”. I replied “In that case it’s perfect.”

We take a look at what to expect when you first embark upon the free from food journey, where to start, how to tackle your first food shop and my top tips for eating out. I chat about approaching friends and family when it comes to foods you can and can't eat, the free from alternatives I use when cooking and my own tips and tricks for when I accidentally eat a trigger food. 

This is for you if you're new to following a free from diet or you're a relative or friend of someone who does. My own friends and family found it incredibly helpful. 

Let go of feeling fearful and overwhelmed by the food choices you have to make and feel totally in control once again. 

I am not a healthcare professional, doctor or nutritionist. New To Free From Eating is a collection of information, stories and useful tips and tricks from my own personal experience of following a free from diet. If you'd like to find out more about the way I eat, take a look at

You'll also receive a workseet which will help you to feel comfortable, incontrol and above all happy and interested during your first free from food shop!

Just had a read of The Un-boring Salad Guide and I wish I’d read it earlier - this Sunday is going to be prep day then it’s a week of buddha bowls for me and I’m v excited. Honestly I loved the guide, I’m always struggling for salad inspo and now I can’t wait to get creating some!
— Amy -
The Un-Boring Salad Guide.png

The Un-Boring Salad Guide.

This guide will help you create filling, tasty, delicious salad bowls of goodness that make you feel every kind of wonderful, which can easily be prepared for work or on the go lunches. 

This is for you if: 

  • You feel stuck in a rut with meal ideas.

  • Until now a salad to you is made up of iceburg lettuce, a tomato and maybe some cucumber.

  • You want to meal-prep on a Sunday but have no ideas on how to go about it.

  • Are in need of food inspiration to encourage you to eat the food that makes YOU feel good - whatever that may be!

This guide is NOT a calorie counting, dieting plan. I am not a nutritionist or health advisor. The Un-Boring Salad Guide is designed to offer you ideas and inspiration for your home cooking. This guide embraces all food sorts, including and not limited to salad, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and cheese.