Nourishing Soulfully is a place of joy, positivity and ever so much encouragement. My philosophy in life is to do the things that make me happy, eat the things that make me happy and be all that makes me happy. By filling our happiness cup first, we are then able to let it overflow and give time, love, encouragement, kindness and care to others. Ever wondered what the answer to stressed out, tired, worried living could be? Maybe, just maybe, it is in living a fullfilled and joyful life.  Happiness is not the end goal here. Think of happiness as a cup, through our daily practices, activities and hobbies we fill that cup up. I'm a dedicated tea drinker, meaning there is always a cup of tea right next to me. When it's empty and I feel the tea pangs come on, I fill it right up again. I'm not promising to fix any of your problems but I am promising that through listening to what you truly want and need, you will be a happier, more loving version of yourself. 

My love and acceptance both of myself and others isn't something that I just have. It's a quality I have poured time and energy into and if left untended to, would slip within days - it often can. I have my tried and tested methods to re-fill my cup, realign myself with my core values and top my happiness levels back up again. Each day I tend to my happiness in so many ways. Journaling has had a profound effect on how I view the world, it provides the tools for me to delve into my current thought patterns, judgements and stories and flesh them out. My kind of journaling really isn't fancy at all. I sit down with my notebook and write whatever is on my mind. I often ask myself questions as to why I have certain beliefs or thoughts and wait to hear my own answer. We all have the answers within us, we just have to still our mind to hear them. 

I listen to podcasts every single day, in doing so I'm surrounding myself with the voices, beliefs and thoughts I'm interested in. We become an accumulation of the five people we spend the most time with - take control of this and spend some time with amazing, thought provoking souls who challenge you to think outside of the box, who rock your beliefs and values to their very core and guide you into deeper alignment. By listening to them through podcasts, you are surrounding youself with those people. 

I follow inspirational people online, if I find a certain person triggers negative thoughts for me, I unfollow with the belief that their message just isn't for me right now. Maybe it will be in the future, but not right now. I stretch and move my body in whatever way makes me feel good - this changes every single day. I nourish my body with food that truly makes me feel good. I take care of myself each and every day. I read books which get my creative juices flowing, which force me to question life and all that is. My friendship group is one full of unconditional love and acceptance, of support, care and joy. I speak to those souls every single day and in doing so I also offer those gifts of unconditional love, support and acceptance. I have affirmations dotted around my home and try to watch my thoughts as often as I can, catching myself when any horrible talks comes up. It still happens, of course it does, it always will. But guess what? I know how to handle it, I know how to take control and quickly find compassion and kindness for myself again. 


Below you'll find a list of feel good resources which collectively have guided me to this point, it is a list I will continually add to. Take what is for you and leave the rest. Some of it won't resonate with you, that's totally fine. We all have different ways in which we understand and interpret messages.

Offline Reading (these links are affiliate links) :

Online Reading:


Films & TV: I often find there are particular TV series and films that make me feel motivated, aligned and full of alllll the goodness life has to offer! I love doing Yoga With Adriene on Youtube too.

Series on Netflix: 

  • Queer Eye

  • The Good Place

  • GLOW


  • Joy

  • Love Actually - All the happy vibes!!

  • Forrest Gump

  • Eat Pray Love