Wonderful Wednesday 21 of 2019

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my loves. How is your week going? The temperatures have soared overnight here and it feels like we’ve gone from chilly Spring to full blown Summer overnight! I think it’s nearly time to wave goodbye to the duvet at night and add afan to the mix too!

Let’s get on with the wonderful, shall we?!

On Saturday we went to Friends Fest in Poble Español in Barcelona, we had so much fun dressing up and going on a guided tour of Monica’s apartment and Central Perk. We then went for a lovely dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the converted bullring shoppingcentre at Plaza España. We ended Saturday pottering in the garden and weeding the flower bed ready for the sunflowers with a glass of wine in hand and some fabulous tunes in the way of the Zara Home playlist on Spotify - what a playlist!! To really top theday off, our car, Bernice named because of the burn across her bonnet, passed her MOT on Saturday morning which was a huge relief!!

On Sunday we pretty much spent the entire day planting the sunflowers and running back and forth to the garden centre. We had a lot of fun and it’s so exciting to see them growing and truly thriving in their new home. I expected them to droop and struggle fora day, but they immediately took really well. Yippee!!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, the fur babies gave me a wonderful gift box of Rituals products which I can’t wait to use. I received birthday messages that really touched my heart and made some yummy double chocolate, ginger and chocolate and chocolateorange balls for the staff room which went down a treat! I had a scrumptious dinner at my mum and dads and I received such thoughtful, lovely gifts and such a yummy birthday cake!